The governments, the puppets doing their job
Your health, your mind, and your life they will rob
They laugh in our faces and we dance to their songs
We do nothing, and yet complain of all that is wrong
They blind you by TV, by media, by news
Dumbing down humanity, most suffering the blues
Can you not see when you look up to the sky?
The crisscross white lines, have you ever ask why?
They poison the air, and too the water with fluoride
Fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides
Do you ever read labels when doing your shop?
Have you heard of parabens or aspartame, I guess probably not!
They are toxins and poisons allowed for consumption
Guess you’d rather not know I’d make that assumption
Happily pharmaceuticals have most on antidepressants
So you don’t have the spark to ask questions, learn lessons
I used to think it’s our governments that need a good shake
But now I’m convinced it’s humanity for heaven sake!
Wake up it’s time to open your eyes and your mind
Even though you’d be sickened to all that you’ll find
But then you have knowledge to make a difference, a change?
Meaning you can make better choices is that sounding strange?
Conscious awareness is splitting the world into two
Unconscious, conscious, which one are you?
Oh, don’t bother saying, only your actions will, that’s true!