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The world today is not what it seems, and all that we are told, and what we are made to believe is not always the truth, in fact, to banish ignorance altogether would mean not believe anything at all, and instead to do the research ourselves, to get to the real facts "The real Truth".

This is exactly what I have been doing for the past several years now, I'm so
far down the rabbit whole, and there is no return! You see, the truth is, what I am about to tell you, I’d rather you not believe. I would rather you do the research yourselves, because believing is not the truth, only knowing is. The truth about what you might ask? The truth about the world we live in, the truth about ourselves, who are we, why are we here? What's going on in the world, and how we can make a change!

Researching does not require much effort these days with the technology of the Internet, it's not like you have to drag yourselves down to the library anymore and sift through many books to find the answers. At the press of a button, nearly all information you wish to study is on the World Wide Web! Note, things I talk about will not be found on TV, the media or in news papers, for it is information that will awaken many souls that have been unconsciously asleep all their lives!

On my spiritual journey, I have and still am, researching many great philosophers, scientist in quantum physics, religions, spiritual philosophy, conscious awareness, enlightenment, the government, health, and many more subjects that I will be blogging about from here on.

We are more than you could ever imagine, with endless possibilities to create a happy harmonious, peaceful life, world, and universe. We are spirit having a human experience, not the other way around. Everything in this entire universe is a vibration, vibrating on different levels. From the sun to the wind, a sound, a rock, a plant, an animal, a cup, a football, a thought, a human being, we are all vibrating at different levels.
Every thought we have is sending out to the universe a vibration, either in harmony or disharmony, we transmit and receive these vibrations which are all energy. Every thought we have controls the way we feel, how we act, and the creation of our lives. To give you an example, when you are thinking in a negative way, feeling down, or low, notice, that one bad thing after another happens, we say things like, what else can happen! It can't get any worse! Let me tell you, yes it can! In the same way when you are thinking in a positive light, you feel happy, you feel grateful, or you feel love. Remember when you felt so in love, you could have run a marathon, you were not even hungry, every day seemed wonderful and one great thing after another accrued.

The few elite that govern our world are not our friends, the system, our schools, banks, and governments, do a great disservice to us all. They do not want us to know the truth, of who we really are, and why we are here. If you actually took the time to research the truth, you would find none of the systems have worked throughout history!

Work, that thing we do, day in, day out till we are 65+? Some might enjoy what they do, but many you know, simply don't! We hang on in till our retirement, and then what? It is mostly at this stage in life that we wonder what to do next, that is if we are healthy enough to do so. What about health? This is where major research should be done. The government allows our supermarkets to pack their shelves with toxic poisons that are killing us, ignorance is bliss? You think you have freedom to buy and eat what you like, yes, sure you can, absolutely free to kill yourself and your children. Go on line and find out the truth about not only the food you buy, but the products you clean your bodies with and the products you clean your house, cars, etc. Check aspartame in diet drinks, it is also found in chewing gum and hundreds if not thousands of other products, it kills!
Look up wheat, the wheat you are told is good for your heart, check it out! There is a saying, “you are what you eat" never a statement so true! If you think you are eating a healthy diet, are you eating plenty of fruits and vegetables? Are you eating fruit and vegetables loaded with pesticides? Or are you eating organic, in which the soil is depleted of its vital minerals? Does this ring any bells? Are you now thinking you should be taking supplements! If you are, I suggest you are right!
Doctors working for pharmaceutical companies, they are not curing the cause of your illness, they are treating your symptoms with worse drugs than drug pushers themselves, in fact, they are the worse drug pushers! What ever symptom they are curing, you are then left with another six or more symptom to deal with! Just what the pharmaceutical companies want! Search for the truth about vaccines, vaccines that cause disease. I go back to saying; do you believe everything you hear? Do you take the word of the government, your doctor?  Me? Or will you do some research and find out the truth?

Take a look at your life, look around the world you live in, does everything seem ok with you! Do you believe in religion? Will you research for true information, the facts that were hidden, and find out the truth on what was decided you should know and what you should not? Will you take the governments word that all the wars being fort, sending our loved ones to their deaths, is for a sovereign cause, or to attain more wealth for the elite?

I started this write by saying that nothing in this world is what it seems, I could continue to talk about the system, this matrix of delusion we slumber in, I will do so in future blogs. It is not that I want to cause fear, for that is the very thing we need to let go of. I write to give you information so that you yourselves can research, thus enlightening you on your journey to awakening, enabling you to take action if you so wish.

I see 2012 as a battle of consciousness, being, some people are thinking of total destruction and Armageddon, and others knowing who we truly are, liberating their minds, freeing themselves from the system and getting to the truth, we are amazing spirits with endless possibilities to create a world of love and peace.

Ultimately it's all about choice, will you choose to believe all you are told, or, will you choose to find out the truth, if not only to improve your life, how about your children? How about their children? Or maybe for humanity itself?!


Simone Segal

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