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  • Simone, your poems are like bright lights, and all the words like bulbs, emitting hope and life.
    James Fraser

  • Very powerful indeed. Everyone must master their own lives like this. Very good message and I am looking forward to reading more...
    Kevin Elmore

  • So simple a truth, so profoundly expressed
    William A Cleator

  • Beautiful and inspirational
    Audrey Carey

  • Hi Simone the poem 'What you see in the Mirror' is truly powerful medicine for the soul...
    Dean Masciarelli

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Cafe, Restaurant, steak house & much more...


If you’re looking for great food and a touch of INSPIRATION, come and visit EL SECRETO!

 Using the LAW of ATTRACTION Elena and Peter turned their dream into reality!

 I knew Elena when this was only a dream! Now, well go and see for yourselves, that’s if you can get a table!

 You are always greeted with a warm welcome, and the attention to detail when it comes to décor and ambiance is beautiful, with fresh flowers on every table, relaxing chill out music, and serving you the best food on the Costa Blanca!

I promise you you’ll go back for seconds!

 Come and celebrate your birthday, engagement, come and have a drink, or a cosy night out with friends, or a romantic night for two! You’ll have a wonderful experience at EL SECRTO. And if you need inspiration, well, Elena can tell you a secret or two!

It’s in Punta Prima near the blue bridge, beach side!

Urb Rocio del Mar ~ F2 ~ Local 26 ~ Punta Prima


To make a reservation TEL 671 850 097
































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If you love crystals, angel cards, beautiful jewellery and beautiful things, then you must pay a visit to Antisha in Playa Flaminca, beach side, off the N332.


It’s like Aladdin’s Cave; you can lose yourself and time in there gazing at such treasures as you can see by the pictures below!



Antisha is a real treasure trove, so I thought, better than describe Antisha, I shall show you! 




These are just a few treasures, why not pay a visit and feel the beautiful energy in Antisha, you’re always greeted with a warm welcome, and believe me, you won’t know where to look first!

You can also buy a copy of The Gift …if only you knew! 

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Amazing people!

Anthea Morphitis is an inspiration! The  Author of “Feel good Now, from me to you” being published in June 2013!

Hello, my name is Anthea Morphitis, I am a Greek Cypriot 33 year old single mother of 2, born and raised in North London. I grew up on an estate in Enfield, and became a single mother at the age of 20.

I worked in the finance industry for 6 years, and I walked away from the 9-5 job in 2009 when an opportunity came to move to Cyprus and build my own team in network marketing.

It was a decision so positive that It turned my life upside down and back to front!!

 Just before the move was taking place, I was stopped by my daughters father, being told I was “kidnapping”  I then faced a two and a half year court case, where mine and my children’s life was placed in the hands of the law, that lead us to such feelings of despair.

This is where I started to really endorse Law of attraction, wanting to understand why this had happened and what life was really about; from here forth life was a roller-coaster, I was  going through so many negative and positive emotions, trying to grasp the whole concept, but  at the same time I was going through the harsh reality that everything was causing more negative emotions which eventually lead to me becoming homeless in Nov 2011.

I was sleeping on the floor of a friend’s bedsit; feeling like life was not worth living, being stopped from seeing my children because of my situation. It was then that I decided enough was enough, this was not who I was, I knew I was worth far more than this, my children deserved the best in life and so did I.

I took everything I had learned and starting putting it into action, slowly but surely turning my life from negative to positive, appreciating all that I had, I am now sitting in my 3 bedroom house with my children and loving every second of life, directing and co-producing a captivating TV documentary, and am now the  Author of “Feel good Now, from me to you” being published in June 2013!

I have always had a desire to write a book based on my life experiences and in March 2012 I rented a room from friend, while the children were living at my mums. I felt it was the right time to begin, my friend helped people get started so I took the opportunity to set a structure, and I began writing, I stopped shortly after and re started in November 2012, the inspiration to write was so strong that I couldn’t help but write!!

I am inspired by my children, they help me hold my faith and belief, my children are my angels and have taught me so much. I am also inspired by Ester Hicks (Abraham) who has been my teacher, and her material is what has changed my life!

I have written a book to give my personal touch to this world and share my personal journey so far as a single mother, I share how I overcome adversity and how learning about the Law of Attraction has changed my life. I have become a thinking being and have taught myself how not to react too so many things.

I am passionate about inspiring people to be the best that they can be, to teach through the clarity of my own example to create what you would like to experience, replacing doubt and worry to expecting and knowing, being happy with where you are in your life right now and being satisfied with your life knowing that you will receive everything you want and more. I love teaching others and have successfully helped others re gain control of their life. I believe everybody has a purpose in life and each individual adds value to this world in their own unique way.

The purpose of this book is to share my personal life journey as a single mother and how I went from negative to positive, and from hate to love. To inspire others and show them how to create what they would like to experience, replacing doubt and worry to expecting and knowing, and to show you how to be happy with where you are in your life right now, and also being satisfied with your life, knowing that you will receive everything you want and more.

I want to inspire my children and others that they can be happy with whom they are and where they stand in life right now, I want to show you how to follow your desires and find your true purpose in life.

I would love to share my knowledge and perspective of the Law of Attraction and Energy, and share Ester Hicks (Abrahams) teachings, as it has had such a positive impact in our lives.

I also want to share my  personal mind set growing up, and how it changed to my present mind set, my personal experiences as a single mother, and how I used my knowledge and understanding of the law of attraction to help me regain control of my life.

So watch out for my book!

 “Feel good Now, from me to you” being published in June 2013!





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When I read Temba Spirits story, I could not hold back my tears. As I know, and may be many of you know, that out of great tragedies, miracles occur!
Temba Spirit is an Inspiration to the world, and this is why!


 To most, “a bullet in the heart” is metaphoric.  It captures the experience of our heart being broken and shattered by rejection, betrayal or abandonment. But for ex-gang member and ex-convict, Temba Spirit, author of How to Reclaim Your Innocence,  a bullet in the heart was not only literal – it was transformative!

“I am so fortunately blessed to live with a bullet that is still lodged in my chest.  I now call this bullet “a bullet of Love.” Though it almost killed me, it also was a great contributor in giving me the opportunity to embrace the most awesome power of forgiveness.  We all have this infinitely expansive capacity within us.” Temba Spirit

Temba’s tale – brilliantly shared in his book, is a true wake up call for all of us. 




I believe that this book was Divinely channeled so that those who are about to give up on love open their hearts one more time and experience the pure joy of giving love with no other agenda, those who are about to give up on their brothers and sisters open their eyes one more time and see the spark of good that is in everyone, and those who are about to give up on God look for grace one more time and find that just on the other side of the darkness, the light is waiting to embrace them. Thank you Temba for being such an open vessel for God to work through."


Debra Poneman, best-selling author Chicken Soup of The American Idol Soul and founder of  Yes to Success, Inc.


“Temba Spirit reminds all of us in his deeply moving book, How to-Reclaim Your Innocence :  Remembering the Love-Beauty Within, that none of us exist in isolation – that each of us are intimately connected to one another, and that with that connection there is an unspoken responsibility to take our life's lessons, no matter how dark or how painful, and transform them into the gift that they are meant to be. Congratulations Temba! You have gone deep into the recesses of your own soul to remind us that we live in a benevolent universe. That everything is always working 'for us' not 'against us.' Through your transparency you have reminded us again that the greatest power in the universe lies within our own heart and when we decide to be the love that we are, anything is possible.”


—Janet Bray Attwood - New York Times Bestseller - Co/author of  The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose


“Temba Spirit graces us with a vital reminder of that place within us that has never been nor can ever be hurt, harmed, or endangered—the perpetual innocence of our inner spirit. He adds the good news that it is just as accessible to us today through the spiritual practices of meditation, introspection, compassion, and unconditional love as it was when we were children.”


—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning


“Temba brilliantly and compellingly reminds us of the true power we had as children. He takes us on a journey into the heart, where we reconnect with our child-like innocence and our loving essence.”

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason andHappy for No Reason

Temba Spirit Bio


Ever since Temba Spirit put his life on the line by renouncing his gang affiliation on national television, he has devoted his life to service, spirit, love, and helping others to Reclaim Their Power.


After an early life that included child abuse, gang violence, drugs, homelessness, depression, and incarceration, Temba underwent an amazing spiritual transformation while behind bars at Rikers Island prison. With support and inspiration from Amma, the world-renowned hugging saint from India, not only did Temba fully forgive himself, he transformed his prison time into a spiritual retreat. He initiated a meditation program, distributed spiritual books, and did all he could to help the hurting men who were incarcerated with him to re-awaken their spiritual innocence—showing them by example and through his actions that love was inside of them and there was nothing they could do to change that, no matter how heinous their crimes. Now, over a decade later, the program he started for these men, Circle of Love Inside, has spread all over the U.S. and has become one of the most successful prison outreaches of our time.


Temba’s amazing journey of love has led him to join with an array of famous book authors, transformational personalities, spiritual leaders, and celebrities. In 2007, he was discovered by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, the New York Times bestselling authors of The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny, and since then he has shared a stage with Byron Katie (Loving What Is), Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Debra Poneman (founder of the Yes to Success seminars and a pioneer of the self-help industry), and Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center).


Marci Shimoff (author of Happy for No Reason, who has sold over 14 million self-help books) says of Temba: “Temba has been a great inspiration to me, as he is a wonderful role model of service and love toward others. In fact, I respect Temba so much that I interviewed him for my book Love for No Reason. He is one of the 150 ‘love luminaries’ I interviewed about unconditional love (along with top scientists, psychologists, subject matter experts, and spiritual teachers) and Temba’s was one of the most wise, profound, and moving of all the interviews.” Temba's latest creation and new acclaimed book, How to Reclaim Your Innocence:Remembering the Love-Beauty Within has been endorsed by numerous transformational personalities and bestselling authors!


Along with Temba’s spiritual and humanitarian work (including his creation of a program to empower and support a Native American orphan family in the poorest area of the country, the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota), he has also had success in music as a Transformational hip-hop artist, performing with the legendary KRS-ONE, considered by many to be the greatest conscious lyricist of all time. The song he wrote for Janet Attwood at the behest of Michael Beckwith, Reclaim Your Power, has become a favorite of thousands at motivational seminars all over the country. He has even performed at a gathering for President Obama hosted by Louis Gossett, Jr. in Beverly Hills.
Temba sees his music, inspirational speaking, book writing, and humanitarian work as one mission—different yet related ways in which consciousness is expressing itself as love. Despite his painful beginnings, Temba’s life has become a powerful expression of service to humanity. As he puts it, “I have taken the crap of my life and turned it into spiritual fertilizer!”


Temba Spirit is available for speaking engagements, interviews, television appearances and performances. 

To book Temba Spirit  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call him directly @ 773-722-3247

Get Your Copy Now How to Reclaim Your Innocence

Find Temba on Face Book Temba Spirit/Transformational Hiphop


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  I met a wonderful lady on face book who very much inspired me, and I know she shall inspire all who read her beautiful book "BE LOVE" by Naomi Malm.              

Book Description:

BE LOVE – Exploring keys to improving your life and the world around you – You are more Powerful than you think ---offers practical methods to empower yourself.  We often look for reasons why things may not go smoothly.  In truth,

each person you has great power to impact their own life, the life of those around you and in fact to impact the world.  Sounds like quite a domino effect, and it is.

Many self help and spiritual books alike encourage readers to change your words and thoughts in order to create our own experience.  Authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, Robert Collier, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Deepak Chopra, Norman Vincent Peale, Jim Rohn and others have professed the great power of our thoughts. 

With practical understanding and explanations BE LOVE, the first book in the Whispers From Within Series, leads you down a path of self discovery.  You will uncover the Power of Gratitude, the Power of Silence, the Power of Prayer and Feeling, the Power of Lovingly Accepting Yourself, the Power of the Great “I AM”, the Power of Forgiveness, the Power of Kindness, the Power of Synchronicity, the Power of Non-Judgment, the Power of Trust, the Power of Writing and the Power of Grounding Yourself.

Everything is within your reach when you take time to listen to the whispers from within.  Life does not hold us back or limit us, we alone hold ourselves back. 

Discover the keys within each chapter of BE LOVE and contemplate the possibilities of employing them. Start simply with gratitude and then consider layering on some of the other practices that resonate with you in some way. Be Who you Really Are – BE LOVE.  


Author Profile

Naomi was raised in Wisconsin and completed her undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  While working full time in Chicago she went to school in the evening and obtained her post graduate degree from Loyola University.

For many years her desired to write remained in her heart, waiting for her attention. She loved raising her sons and will forever treasure her time with them.

And so now, the opportunity to write need wait no longer. Her personal experiences are crafted into each chapter of BE LOVE.  It is her hope that BE LOVE will touch hearts, reminding us of the gifts available within to all.


 What Naomi hopes for the world—peace, joy, kindness, happiness and abundance in all good things will undoubtedly transpire if we remember that we are all connected and indeed we can all...... BE LOVE.




How BE LOVE the book came to be

For a long time I’ve felt a calling to write.  It wasn’t until after my mother passed that I started to spend regular time in my heart space, in prayer, in meditation, in silence.  This took some discipline and the rewards have been far beyond any expectation.  Silence is a great teacher.  Silence can force out the distractions of the day.  Silence is a gift.  Silence brings you a connection to your higher self.  Silence awaits your attention.  It does not come looking for you; you must decide to look for it.

The world is full of many distractions.  Some people have hobbies which they enjoy.  Some people relax with music, photography, television, running or other sports.  Some people are very uncomfortable with quiet.  To them quiet may be boring or void of interest.  These people love to be entertained.  In fact, some are addicted to being entertained.    They literally don’t know what to do with themselves without ‘activity.’  When activity is absent, they fall asleep from exhaustion from all their busyness or as a method of avoidance.  Do you know anyone like this?  Perhaps you’ve seen this syndrome in a friend, a relative or possibly yourself?

Honestly I was busy raising my sons and on some level giving all my energy to others.  Like many a young mother I was putting everyone before me.  I was doing my best given the situation but I was not truly loving myself.  I was not taking good care of me.

So for me, the prelude to my book was preparing myself to look at things differently.  I decided to establish some new sacred practices.  I began the day lighting a candle and saying prayers.  I closed my prayers with some writing, usually just a few paragraphs each day.  Then I started ending my day in prayer too.  For me this calmed my heart and spirit.  This allowed me to learn to look forward to the silence, for it was my teacher.  At the time I didn’t realize that I was getting very comfortable with writing a little bit each day.  I was open to writing from my soul; asking questions and in the silence receiving answers.  This is sacred writing. 

We all have great power within us.  We often just don’t take the time to explore the silence and to let it show us the many possibilities.  If I could give a gift to the world I would want everyone to know how to pray, meditate and/or spend time in sacred writing. It has brought much beauty and peace into my life.  BE LOVE is the beginning of what I am meant to share.

BE LOVE is my effort to remind the world that LOVE is WHO YOU ARE.  When we drop into our heart space we recognize this truth.

We, in the west have gotten very used to instant gratification.  We want things NOW.  Sometimes children are not learning to wait.  Sometimes we need to recognize that things happen in Divine Time, not necessarily on our preferred schedule.

I liken it to Glinda the Good Witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz.  At the very end of the movie she tells Dorothy that all she has to do is tap her feet together and say, “There’s no place like home”.  Dorothy is confused.  She cannot understand why Glinda did not tell her sooner.  And the response from the good witch, “You wouldn’t have believed me if I told you.  You needed to learn for yourself.”

Like Dorothy, we need to learn for ourselves.  We are all on our own path.  As we learn and are thankful for the lessons we can move forward.  But, you must learn for yourself.  If you do not learn the lesson, it will come back… again and again.  My brother tells me, learn or the lesson will return.  It’s really up to you.

I cannot learn for you.  You cannot learn for me.  We came to have our own experiences.  We did not come for the struggle.  But sometimes we do struggle.  We did though come for the experience.

For me it was a wonderful experience to write, edit and share from my heart.  I am grateful for all the kind people that shared their reviews of BE LOVE with me and the world.  I’ve hoped that my writing would bless people to consider some things under a new light.  I want to lift hearts to new heights for as we lift each other, the world in turn is blessed.  We are all connected and our energy is felt by not only by those around us but by the planet herself. 

We do not live in a vacuum.  What we think do and put out into the world does return to us, often in unexpected ways.  We have choices to make.  We can either lift each other up or tear each other down.  Whatever we choose will set up our future.  When we lift each other, we are lifted.  When we tear each other down, we will feel that experience.  One is kindness to others and in turn we feel the joy of being kind.  The other is the direct opposite experience.

To use a sports analogy, the ball is always in your court.  You choose what you experience by how you think, move and act in the world. What you put out into the world comes back to you magnified. 

I tell my sons, Your Joy is my Joy.  This is a reminder to me that we are all connected.  It helps me to keep my vibration up and to do what I can to help others do the same.

May you be forever blessed.  May you …….. BE LOVE.

Get your copy at

Author of BE LOVE







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  • · An Inspirational story of a very inspiring young man called Sanyog Thekkany, living in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He had a dream to go to Barcelona, and maybe, one day, play football!

His story _

Everything was average in my life. But I always thought that I had what it takes to be the cream of the crop. I don’t know why I thought that, but I also knew I could be better.
Any failure which I had in exams or in life never stopped me, I always thought that I was really good, and believed it always.

Maybe I had this thinking because my father died when I was 8 years old .Since then my mom has taken care of me and my brother. So we grew up always looking at the positive side, because things always got better and better for us. My mother is a great inspiration for me in everyday life. I think she is the best role model for me.

She always worked with her intuition. She was always cautious and was able to face anything, she was never afraid to take risks.
These qualities made me think consciously that I could do anything too!

So one day when everything was good, I wanted to improve and get even better. So I kept working hard always.

Then one day I was taking a walk in my university with my friends. We were talking about philosophy; I remember I was talking about hard work and success to glory. Then one friend told me of the law of attraction .I asked him what that was, then he showed me the video of The Secret.

I made sure that I took the video home that day. I watched the secret video for the next 6 months.

I really enjoyed it. I started offering deliberate thought.
I changed my thought process, or at least I tried to change.
I tried to think differently always. Then things started to work out differently. I was attracting many things. I would say I became more aware of things. Awareness helped me a lot. I knew that it was really working.

I got different ideas, different resources, and my life was never the same again.
I kept thinking positively all the time.Then I met a lady on Facebook who wrote inspirational poems to inspire people. I told her my problems and what was going on in my life. I still have the chats saved in my disk with that amazing lady! She always gave me time, and always told me to think, act, and believe in myself. She told me to be sure to know. She always told me to keep on going. I always took inspiration from her and printed out her writings and put them on my wall. 

Her name is Simone Segal, author of “The Gift if only you”

Sometimes I got negative but always turned it around to be positive. It took some time to break the vibrational patterns. I wanted to go to Barcelona. I had this feeling that this place was home. I had pictures of Barcelona football team and nice things on a vision board. I kept on improving, I had the desire that I wanted to play football in Europe for FC Barcelona. I had a belief that I could. I worked hard every day mentally, emotionally, and physically to improve myself.
I applied to many universities abroad. I had many offers from the UK. But something kept telling me that I should go somewhere else in Europe and not the UK.
I applied to France, the Netherlands, and Germany. Always in my heart I wanted to be in Barcelona, so I looked for courses in Barcelona but could not find any.

After trying many things, permutations and combinations, I decided to go to Germany, all things just seemed to match up. It was perfect. I just took that chance and went to Germany.

When I reached Germany and started my classes, the authorities told me that I can go to Barcelona for my 3rd semester!

It was amazing! The universe knows how to get you to where you want. All you have to do is trust, believe, and hope!
I was really happy when I cleared all my exams in Germany so that I could make it to Barcelona; it feels great to be here.

Also in Germany I found out about Abraham Hicks seminars and that helped me a lot. It was amazing. She explains the secret of the law of attraction in a very beautiful way. I read her book 'ASK AND IT IS GIVEN EVERYDAY'.

The book has magical power. It is amazing!
Her teachings are absolutely wonderful and I love them a lot. I always trust my intuition and follow it all the time. I feel it’s very important to do that.
Now I am in Barcelona and enjoying it a lot, and feeling great!
Even if I don’t see the way now, I keep on using my energies to bring into my life anything that I want!












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Art and life

 I met a very inspiring lady called Nilo at the beach in Torrevieja a few days ago, her life, her story, her poetry and paintings are so inspirational that I wanted to share them with you.Take a look at her beautiful art work and the wonderful video she created.

Thank you Milo for your wonderful talent, and inspiration to all that view your work!X


 Le StanzeDi Gioia

The ” The rooms (full) of Joy” are a series of paintings which i began in the late ninetees.  I had lived for many years (in Italy)  in an apartment off Via Dello Statuto   ( in Via Delle Cinque Giornate)  of  Florence.   It had two wonderful rooms facing South and they captured the sunlight nearly all day.  As a  university student i had had to spend many days  and hours in these rooms , even when it was spring and breathtakingly beautiful outdoors.  In these rooms i had discovered that i could paint canvases which belonged to themselves. They happened to evolve everyday in a mysterious way and sometimes it was even a  challenge to approach them because i really didn`t feel in charge while creating them. Many years later while attending a Meditation seminar, i heard about the fishing into the subconscious and that made a lot of sense in relation to my experiences with painting.

Read more @

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